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The Next Generation
of Medical AI

AI-powered deep learning that structures medical text and unlocks hidden insights

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The most mature, feature-rich, accurate medical NLP solution on the market.

The safe, and ethical AI that healthcare demands


With 8 years of rigorous development and refinement, our platform represents the best of medical and data science, delivering the enhanced level of precision and safety required in today's complex healthcare settings

Designed for
speed, scale, and simplicity


With emtelliPro, process thousands of documents in seconds and leverage the output to enhance analytics, power custom app development, and advance your team's priorities across the entire enterprise

Enable cutting-edge innovation with the whole patient record


Propel ground-breaking advancements, uncover hidden opportunities, and accelerate transformation with a window into the rich data currently trapped in your clinical records

emtelligent delivers the advanced AI capabilities that healthcare needs

Discover how the emtelliPro engine processes high volume transactions and delivers clinical-grade data and insights to healthcare organizations, at scale.

Explore how emtelliPro+, our medically-aligned AI platform, accessible through an intuitive assistant interface, offers actionable guidance and auditable answers for teams tackling the most complex use cases.

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Clinically Trained

Rigorously trained and constantly updated with millions of lines of physician-annotated medical data

Continuously Upgraded

Updated with the latest AI and natural language processing (NLP) advancements to improve accuracy, performance, and safety

Delivered onsite, in a private cloud, or securely hosted

Deployed in hours not days, allowing you to focus on delivering insights, not infrastructure

Comes with Experts

Implemented collaboratively alongside your teams to maximize value for your business