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Powering healthcare that’s integrated and complete

Give your clinical teams full patient record insights with every provider voice in every encounter. Build seamless and informed care transitions while identifying care and quality gaps. That’s emtelligent.

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Care Transitions

  • Make patient referrals and handoffs seamless by providing full clinical record context from every encounter
  • Eliminate the need for costly manual review of patient clinical notes
  • Leverage new data to optimize LOS and getting the patient to the right place at the right time

Appointment Prep

  • Review the entire patient record, including clinical notes in seconds
  • Seamlessly and confidently take on new patients with full historical summaries delivered to you
  • Remove the operational complexity for care team staff in conducting chart and notes reviews

Revenue Cycle Improvement

  • Quickly identify inaccurate claim coding
  • Improve topline revenue by identifying and correcting “under-coded” encounters
  • Develop clinical staff reporting to identify needed coding support and training

Care Gaps & Follow-ups

  • Find care recommendations and follow ups not completed within the clinical record
  • Close gaps in care to improve patient health and well-being
  • Drive incremental revenues through patient follow-up and follow through

Value-Based Care and Quality Improvement

  • Leverage the full clinical record to ensure compliance with payer performance measures
  • Leverage clinical notes summaries to drive clinical team performance improvement
  • Quickly identify performance gaps or abnormalities

Clinical Data Access

  • Make the entire clinical record available and accessible to your analytics team
  • Use conversational search to instantly interrogate complex data sets
  • Rapidly identify patient cohorts, trends, and other unique insights deep within your data

Prior Authorization

  • With the full clinical record at your fingertips, quickly access the detail needed to accompany PA requests
  • Eliminate the operational complexities associated with manual chart reviews and substantiation


of provider notes are inaccessible to care teams outside of an operationally inefficient manual review

With emtelliPro, ensure your clinical teams have the full health picture in every encounter

emtelliPro is a clinical-grade platform that speaks the language of healthcare, delivering you accurate and effective summaries in seconds.

This data maximizes the value of your EHR investment by making the full record accessible and actionable across your care teams. Speed patient transitions, identify gaps in care, improve quality, and reduce operational complexity.

How it Works