Pharma & Clinical Research

In the world of clinical trials and drug discovery, time is of the essence

By instantly leveraging the unstructured data and insights deep within clinical records, you can accrue patients, closely monitor health, and track real world evidence at speeds never before possible. That’s emtelligent.

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Clinical Trial Accrual

  • Quickly determine whether you have the right patients to successfully seat a trial
  • Identify important details deep within the clinical record that include or exclude patients from trial eligibility
  • Become a preferred clinical trial partner by quickly and efficiently filling patient panels

Trial Patient Monitoring

  • Leverage the full clinical record to monitor trial patient health and wellbeing
  • Gain important provider insights from deep within the medical record
  • Review adverse events and important clinical details from unstructured provider reports

Trial Economics

  • Leverage better data to speed up your trial, reduce costs, and facilitate timely expense reimbursement
  • Advance your trial to the next stage and be the first to publish by utilizing accelerated data capture

Real World Evidence

  • Effectively monitor drug performance post-launch by accessing the full clinical record
  • Instantly identify trends or patterns from patients on treatment
  • Improve evidence gathering to keep drugs on formulary and reimbursable


of clinical trials are delayed or closed because of recruitment challenges

emtelliPro and emtelliPro+ provide the data and workflow tools needed to improve speed to market and advance the safe and efficient launch of new drugs, therapies, and procedures

Unlike other AI solutions that produce errors and hallucinations, emtelliPro provides the clinical-grade data that researchers depend on. Built by both clinical and data science experts, the platform produces the precision insights you can rely on.

By helping you accrue patients quickly, effectively monitor trial results, and assess performance post-launch, emtelligent is the partner researchers can count on to execute trials at record speed.

How it Works