Health Tech Solutions & Platforms

How does your platform stand out above the rest?

By harnessing the data within the full clinical record, you can arm your clients with previously inaccessible insights, moving your solution to the head of the pack. That’s emtelligent.

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Healthcare Data Aggregators

  • Efficiently extract cleaner, more complete clinical data sets, at enterprise scale
  • Index and monetize unseen insights from deep within the clinical record

Electronic Health Record Platforms

  • Summarize the full record for every patient encounter and create seamless transitions and handoffs
  • Power conversational search and enable customers to instantly interrogate complex data sets, organize patient cohorts, and identify trends
  • Enhance user experiences, develop new features, and reveal powerful insights for health systems and clinicians

Healthcare App & Solution Providers

  • Surface new data to power your solution across a broad continuum of healthcare use cases (actuarial services, research, population health, billing and payments, and many more.)
  • Stay ahead of new feature development for customer strategies like value-based care, genetics, and social determinants of health

Healthcare Analytics Companies

  • Curate robust data sets for training and development of new analytical models
  • Leverage accurate data from the entire clinical record and uncover strategic insights to your customers

Data Integrators & HIEs

  • Improve interoperability and care coordination efforts with a more complete data pipeline
  • Expand your offering and enable new customer strategies by surfacing accurate social determinant, genetic, and family history data

Business Process Outsourcers

  • Improve operational efficiencies and optimize customer workflows by leveraging more accurate healthcare data
  • Build new products and service offerings, and enhance customer reporting with data from the entire clinical record


the current size of the crowded digital health market

emtelliPro is the partner for health platforms everywhere that are looking for improved performance and competitive advantage

Imagine the improved insights and efficiency for your platform with access to full clinical records at scale. Increase the value your clients receive, boosting revenues and retention.

With emtelliPro, power up your solution with the confidence of clinical-grade data. Our platform is the product of years of development and refinement by medical and data science professionals. We provide you with breakthrough insights that meet the rigorous demands of your healthcare clients.

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