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Complete medical diagnostics insights.Extract insights from the unstructured text of radiology, cardiology, and pathology reports to gain a complete picture of clinical and operational performance and drive continuous improvement initiatives.
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Radiology:Automatically extract insights from the narrative text of orders and reports to support chronic disease management, quality reporting, and imaging appropriateness.
Cardiology:Easily compare multi-modality findings, measurements, and discrete data elements to improve procedure and quality-based outcomes.
Pathology:Automatically analyze orders, results, and sequencing to reduce unnecessary tests, simplify public health reporting, and proactively qualify eligible patients for advanced therapies.
Simplify IT Integrations:Quickly and easily connect with systems across the enterprise using vendor-agnostic technologies that optimize data collection while reducing complexity and cost.
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reasearch-iconBialogics' platform for Medical Diagnostics Administrators and Physicians incorporates a comprehensive toolset to measure and improve access to diagnostic imaging data, providing in-depth analysis of procedural appropriateness, performance management, and operational cost and efficiencies.
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