January 12, 2024

Episode 136: Structuring the Unstructured – Clinical AI Solutions with emtelligent’s Kim Perry

by WEDI Podcast 23 minutes

In this episode of WEDI’s podcast, Director of Events and Education Michael McNutt sits down with Kim Perry, the Chief Growth Officer at emtelligent. They delve into the evolving world of clinical AI, exploring its impact on health care business processes.

The conversation illuminates both the advantages and challenges of AI in health care, providing a nuanced perspective on this technology. Additionally, listeners are encouraged to read Kim Perry’s insightful article on the American Journal of Managed Care’s website. This piece delves into the ways Natural Language Processing (NLP) can facilitate the exchange of patient information between payers and providers, particularly through continuity-of-care documents.

Perry’s expertise shines as she unlocks the potential of unstructured data using medical-grade NLP, offering a glimpse into the future of health care data management.

Listen to the Podcast here.