March 12, 2024

The Next Generation Of Medical AI: Exploring Safe and Accurate Innovation In Healthcare

by Healthcare IT Today 2 minutes

In recent years, natural language processing (NLP) has emerged as a promising tool, powering algorithms for decoding complex medical language. The technology enables users to extract information from patient records and rapidly assess disease progression, treatment efficacy, health trends, and other use cases.

Despite its initial promise, NLP has fallen short of expectations in healthcare. Dr. Tim O’Connell, a practicing physician and cofounder of the medical AI company emtelligent, compares healthcare NLP to fusion energy. “It’s been 10 years away for the past 50 years,” O’Connell says.

Approximately 80% of electronic health record (EHR) data is unstructured. While NLP traditionally has been effective in extracting unstructured data, it continues to struggle with the intricate terms and nuances of clinical documentation. These limitations result in incomplete, inaccurate, or overwhelming outputs, impeding a healthcare team’s ability to find relevant information and extract critical insights.

Fortunately, recent innovations in Large Language Models (LLMs) have begun to open the door to new possibilities for NLP in healthcare.

Acknowledging the known accuracy and hallucination issues with LLMs, O’Connell and emtelligent cofounder Anoop Sarkar, Ph.D., set out to leverage these new innovations and make NLP more accurate and safer for healthcare’s dynamic and complex environment.

After months of research and development, emtelligent will unveil the next generation of its medical AI platform at HIMSS24. emtelliPro+® is a collaborative effort between medical expertise and the best artificial intelligence has to offer. The solution uses a novel, medically aligned deep-learning approach to in-context learning for LLMs to provide actionable insights and auditable answers for today’s healthcare teams.

“Our new platform will put the power of AI directly in the hands of experts, and allow actuarial, clinical, and research stakeholders to make well-informed, verified, and auditable decisions,” says Kim Perry, emtelligent’s chief growth officer.

Through the lens of emtelliPro+, payers will gain access to new member health insights, medical researchers will advance therapeutic discovery and seat clinical trial panels more efficiently, and health systems and EHR platforms will be able to act on new care optimizations and coding improvements.

We still need to look for ways to responsibly combine human expertise with new technology in
healthcare, and soon we can expect to see greater teamwork between medical professionals and AI.  emtelligent is thrilled to introduce emtelliPro+, the latest in medical AI, at HIMSS24 and welcome a new era of safe and accurate collaboration between technology and the healthcare teams who need it. Learn more about emtelliPro+ at HIMSS24, Booth 3185.