How emtelliPro works

The emtelliPro engine structures healthcare data by correctly identifying relevant concepts, coding them to ontologies, making assertions about these concepts, and accurately relating them to other concepts within the data.

diagram of how emtelliPro works

Go inside the emtelliPro engine

Take a peek under the hood to see how emtelliPro applies language features to understand even the most complex medical text

Medical alignment and accuracy training

In healthcare, data accuracy and dependability are paramount. Here’s how emtelliPro exceeds the industry’s clinical-grade standards.

Continuously updated with the latest in AI methodology

Rigorously trained, continuously refined

Our core AI engine is a product of 8 years of development and enhancement, built on a training set of billions of diverse clinical data points, resulting in unmatched accuracy.

More than 2 million clinical records, hand-annotated by medical experts

AI Comparison

The rigors of healthcare demand a higher level of accuracy than other AI applications. See how emtelligent meets these rigorous standards while others fall short.

Comparison Criteria




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Entity Linking

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Polarity Detection

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Uncertainty Detection

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Experiencer Detection

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Measurement Detection

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Temporality Relations

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Medication Identification

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Follow Up Detection

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Want to know how emtelligent stacks up against other AI?

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emtelliPro vs. Generative AI

Unaligned Generative AI is not accurate enough for medical purposes. It is prone to hallucinations (making up answers) and requires extensive prompt engineering and training. The current architecture of these solutions is also not scalable due to their inability to process, store, and rapidly search structured data extracted from millions of documents.

emtelliPro vs. General Purpose NLP

General purpose NLP solutions fail when applied to medical text due to the uniqueness of medical language. Everything we do is linked to medical ontologies and purpose-built for healthcare. Our solution picks up much more than even the best general purpose NLP engine – uncovering the rich information contained in patient experiences, family history, gene names, medication dosages and relationships, and so much more.

emtelliPro vs. Existing Medical AI

Other solutions are often narrowly focused and not extensible to additional use cases. These solutions are also generally rules-based, static solutions – not rooted in the most recent advancements in NLP and deep learning, requiring a large and ongoing investment in medical and data science talent.

Enterprise-grade and feature-rich

Flexible deployment options

emtelliPro can be deployed within our environment, within the customer environment, or in a private cloud.

Low lift implementations

Our solutions are easily integrated into a customer’s technology stack and clinical workflow. Our scalable and efficient implementations also ensure you get the lowest computing and runtime costs.

Expert support

Our team will ensure your deployment is successfully delivering the insights and impact you desire.

Data security & privacy

You are in control of your data – client source documents are not utilized in the solutions training data set, ensuring that this data is inaccessible to others.

Your inputs and results (outputs):
  • Are NOT available to other customers.
  • Are NOT used to train or improve emtelligent unless you have opted into optional data sharing.

Robust developer resources

API & SDK documentation and quickstart guides and examples are provided to simplify and accelerate your emtelliPro integration.

Fully auditable output

Connect any data element back to its point of origin in its source document, providing traceability and confidence.

emtelligent on a laptop

New! emtelliPro+® Assistant

emtelliPro+, is an advanced medical AI platform that uses large language models (LLMs) and an easy-to-use, conversational interface to help healthcare professionals mine patient data and make safe and accurate determinations – even across the most complex use cases.

Learn more about how emtelliPro+ can put AI in your experts’ hands, improving productivity and providing the actionable guidance and auditable answers they need.

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