March 11, 2024

emtelligent launches medical AI platform for healthcare professionals


The platform uses emtelligent’s LLM to help health professionals in easily accessing patient data for making precise decisions.


ritish Columbia-based company emtelligent has launched an advanced medical AI platform, called emtelliPro+, to help healthcare professionals access and handle patient data for improved decision-making. 

According to emtelligent, healthcare organisations are currently inundated with vast amounts of clinical data, with nearly 80% being unstructured and scattered across various formats and departments.  

The new platform aims to address this issue by optimising the use of healthcare organisations’ data, providing them a comprehensive view of patient health, membership plans, and population groups. 

It leverages emtelligent’s large language model (LLM) to equip healthcare professionals with the tool they require for easily accessing relevant patient information to make more precise and safe decisions in complex use cases. 

The platform’s capabilities extend to offering health insurance carriers a detailed perspective on member health and risk, a task traditionally reliant on manual chart reviews. 

Health systems and electronic health record (EHR) platforms can utilise emtelliPro+ to boost quality performance and workforce productivity.