March 12, 2024

emtelligent Unveils New emtelliPro+ AI assistant for Healthcare Applications

by AITHORITY 3 minutes

The emtelliPro+ assistant uses a novel, medically aligned deep-learning approach to in-context learning for LLMs to provide actionable insights and auditable answers for today’s healthcare teams.

emtelligent, a leader in the development of clinical-grade natural language processing (NLP) software, announced the availability of emtelliPro+, an advanced medical AI platform that uses emtelligent’s large language model (LLM) to give healthcare professionals the tool they need to quickly and easily access relevant patient data and make safe and accurate determinations in even the most complex use cases.

“As a practicing physician, I understand the critical importance of accuracy and safety in making diagnoses and determinations, and emtelliPro+ represents the next generation of medical AI,” said Tim O’Connell, M.D., CEO and cofounder of emtelligent. “With a simple and intuitive interface, clinical and business users can quickly get answers and insights about patients and population cohorts, putting the decision in the hands of the expert, while maintaining the auditable, verifiable evidence that’s so critical for our industry.”

Healthcare organizations are overwhelmed by terabytes of clinical data – 80% of which is unstructured – in a variety of formats, across multiple silos and business units. emtelliPro+ helps healthcare organizations get the most out of their data and provides the full health picture for patients, plan members, and population cohorts.

“Our customers have struggled with previous NLP and AI solutions that frankly haven’t provided the accuracy they need,” said Kim Perry, emtelligent’s chief growth officer. “That has led to a lot of solution fatigue. It’s exciting to finally be able to deliver an AI-powered assistant that is purpose-built for our industry, and accurate and simple enough to be deployed across the many use cases our customers encounter.”

The platform can deliver health insurance carriers an unprecedented look at the health and risk of their members, previously only accessible through manual chart review. emtelliPro+ also improves underwriting accuracy, enables Medicare and ACA risk adjustment performance, speeds or automates prior authorization approvals, and much more through an AI-assisted, conversational interface.

For pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations (CROs), emtelliPro+ unlocks the ability to accrue patients to clinical trials. Using emtelliPro+, researchers can quickly process millions of patients for inclusion and/or exclusion criteria to seat their panel, monitor real world evidence, and evaluate therapeutic efficacy.

Health systems and EHR platforms can leverage emtelliPro+ to improve quality performance and workforce productivity. The platform instantly and accurately summarizes patient medical histories, speeding care transitions and identifying important gaps in care and coding improvement opportunities.

emtelligent will be demonstrating the new emtelliPro+ platform at HIMSS24, Booth 3185. Schedule a demo to learn how to gain the full value from unstructured clinical data.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, emtelligent® has developed the most accurate and feature-rich medical AI platform on the market. The emtelliPro+ platform provides users with a simple and intuitive interface and combines natural language processing (NLP) and large language models (LLMs) – rigorously trained on vast amounts of annotated medical data – to drive actionable insights. Unlock the power of the full patient record now with emtelliPro+ and improve care outcomes, reduce costs, drive revenue, and fuel research breakthroughs.